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The recently released Bollywood blockbuster, “12th Fail,” has now made its debut in Telugu, featuring stellar performances by Vikrant Massey and Medha Shankar in lead roles. Directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra, this film delves into the real-life experiences of Manoj Kumar Sharma, an IPS officer, and his journey against all odds.

“12th Fail” draws inspiration from the life of Manoj Kumar Sharma, hailing from a modest family in Chambal. Facing adversity when his honest father gets suspended, Manoj navigates through a school environment plagued by malpractice. His encounter with DSP Dushyant (Priyanshu Chatterjee) becomes a turning point, instilling in him the belief that honesty can spark positive change in society. The film unfolds the challenges and triumphs that shape Manoj’s path to success.


  1. Compelling Storytelling:
    Vidhu Vinod Chopra skillfully weaves a captivating narrative that seamlessly blends humor and emotion, ensuring the film is both engaging and thought-provoking. The storyline, inspired by true events, adds depth and authenticity to the cinematic experience.
  2. Outstanding Performances:
    Vikrant Massey delivers a stellar performance as Manoj Kumar Sharma, effortlessly embodying the character and elevating the film with his sincerity. Medha Shankar complements Massey admirably, showcasing the resilience of their characters. The chemistry between the real-life couple is well-portrayed, particularly in the impactful final interview scene.
  3. Supporting Cast:
    Anant Vijay Joshi, Saritha Joshi, Vikas Divyakirti, and Anshuman Pushkar contribute commendably to their respective roles, enhancing the overall quality of the film.


  1. Pacing Issues:
    “12th Fail” encounters pacing issues, with certain scenes feeling slow, and tighter editing could have enhanced the film’s impact. Predictability, a common pitfall in this genre, becomes noticeable as the story unfolds.
  2. Second Half Dull Moments:
    The initial portions of the second half may appear dull, and the conflict between the lead pair could have been presented more effectively. The film’s emphasis on the need for honest officers might limit its appeal to those seeking more commercial elements.
  3. Continuous Voiceover:
    The continuous use of voiceover, even for minute details, could have been minimized to create a more immersive viewing experience.

Technical Aspects:

  1. Musical Brilliance:
    Shantanu Moitra’s commendable musical score, featuring noteworthy Telugu lyrics, adds depth to the film. The seamless dubbing of the Telugu version is a testament to the skill of the dubbing team.
  2. Cinematography and Production Values:
    Cinematographer Rangarajan Ramabadran effectively transports the audience into Manoj Kumar Sharma’s world. Neat production values contribute to the overall visual appeal of the film.

Director’s Touch:

Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s direction shines as he successfully infuses humor and emotion into this real-life saga. While some scenes in the second half could have been enhanced, the director extracts terrific performances from the entire cast.


“12th Fail” stands as a sincere cinematic exploration of Manoj Kumar Sharma’s life, highlighting the resilience and integrity that propelled him to great heights as an IPS officer. Vikrant Massey’s outstanding portrayal, coupled with Medha Shankar’s impressive performance, adds authenticity to the narrative. Despite some pacing issues and predictability, the film offers heartwarming moments and serves as a compelling watch for those drawn to inspiring real-life stories. Consider giving this film a chance if you appreciate tales of triumph over adversity.

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