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Recently hitting the Telugu market, the Kannada blockbuster “Ghost,” starring Shiva Rajkumar, has generated quite a buzz. Dive into our review to uncover the film’s essence.

Plot Overview:

In the thrilling narrative, an enigmatic figure known as Big Daddy (Shiva Rajkumar) orchestrates a daring takeover of a central jail in Karnataka, holding both inmates and former CBI officer Vamana Srinivasan (Prashanth Narayanan) as hostages. ACP Charan Raj is tasked with resolving the crisis and securing the release of the ex-CBI officer. To untangle the mysteries surrounding Big Daddy’s identity and motives, one must immerse themselves in the film.


The first half captivates with a riveting plot, skillfully maintaining audience engagement. Swift pacing and well-executed action sequences accompany the narrative.

Shiva Rajkumar’s performance is praiseworthy, showcasing his charisma even with minimal dialogue.

Jayaram’s portrayal of Charan Raj aligns perfectly with the role, enhanced by a compelling musical score.


While the story and screenplay shine in the first half, the second half falters in sustaining the same level of engagement. Over-extension becomes apparent, posing a challenge for the director.

Some extravagant scenes may raise questions about their realism.

Certain sequences, especially in the second half, could benefit from more impactful dialogues, and the flashback lacks the impact of a well-constructed backstory.

Dubbing issues, notably mismatched voices in Telugu, are noticeable, affecting the overall viewing experience.

The character played by Archana Jois adds little value, and unfamiliar characters may hinder the connection with the Telugu audience.

Technical Aspects:

While the director introduces an engaging plot, maintaining engagement proves challenging. A more robust screenplay could have elevated the film.

Arjun Janya’s music enriches the overall experience, complementing Mahendra Simha’s cinematography, although more judicious editing in the second half could have improved the flow.


“Ghost” emerges as a decent heist action drama, delivering moments of intrigue, well-executed action, and Shiva Rajkumar’s compelling presence. However, it falters in the second half, burdened by over-the-top scenes, positioning it as a mediocre offering. It caters to action enthusiasts but falls short of providing an exceptional cinematic experience for a broader audience.

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