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The much-anticipated film “Ala Ninnu Cheri,” featuring Dinesh Tej in the lead role, has hit theaters today. Dive into our comprehensive review to unravel the intricacies of this love drama.

Plot Overview:
The narrative revolves around the affluent village belle, Divya (played by Payal Radhakrishna), who finds herself entangled in a love story with Ganesh (Dinesh Tej). Faced with the prospect of an arranged marriage orchestrated by her single mother, Divya contemplates eloping with Ganesh. However, Ganesh grapples with the conflict between his love and his ambitious pursuits. As the story unfolds, Anu (Hebah Patel) becomes an integral part of Ganesh’s journey, leaving audiences questioning the fate of Divya and Ganesh’s love story.


  1. Dinesh Tej’s Performance:
    Renowned for his roles in “Husharu” and “Play Back,” Dinesh Tej delivers a commendable performance, portraying a man torn between love and career aspirations. His impressive dance and fight sequences enhance the overall cinematic experience.
  2. Paayal Radhakrishna’s Enchanting Charm:
    Paayal Radhakrishna brings a vibrant charm to the film, portraying Divya with delightful expressions. The on-screen chemistry between her and the protagonist adds an enchanting touch to the love sequences.
  3. Comedy Element:
    The humor injected by the hero’s sidekick, Mahaboob Basha, adds a comedic flair to the movie, providing some entertainment value. Other supporting actors contribute satisfactory performances in their respective roles.


  1. Formulaic Plot:
    The film’s primary drawback lies in its overly familiar storyline, a recurring theme in Telugu cinema for years. Despite the well-known plot, the director missed the opportunity to inject fresh perspectives and engage the audience with a more compelling screenplay.
  2. Non-Family-Friendly Content:
    While Hebah Patel adds glamour to the film, her scenes often veer towards non-family-friendly content, contributing minimally to the overall storyline. The inclusion of mediocre dialogues targeting adult segments may not resonate well with family audiences.
  3. Technical Aspects:
    Director Maresh Shivan falls short in executing the film effectively. Predictable scenes could have been elevated with a more engaging screenplay and dialogues, but the film includes unnecessary explicit language. Editing could have played a role in reducing the film’s excessive length.

In conclusion, “Ala Ninnu Cheri” emerges as a disappointing love drama with a conventional plot. Despite Dinesh Tej’s commendable screen presence, the film is hindered by unnecessary scenes and non-family-friendly content. Considering the available entertainment options this weekend, exploring alternatives may be a more satisfying choice.

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